Necklace of words

Vivid Tales

We are surrounded by words, all kind of words – stupid, sensible, positive, negative, meaningless, meaningful, magical and deceptive.

Words exists as dead skeletons unless someone weave them together as a necklace of pearls, pearls of all kind – emotions, intent, honesty, beauty, peace, humor and life experiences.

Experienced hands of makers put magic in this necklace and they float in space, around us – in all size, colors and shapes. We hate, like, appreciate, admire, melancholy, love, get angry on these garlands based on what resonates with us. Some necklace do not catch our eyes; we just don’t relate to them while some seems as if they are made for us only.


Look around, probably you may find a magical necklace which has the power to make you smile, make your day, remove your doubts & anger and fill you with peace. Pick that right necklace that is made for you…

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I had a dream about Her.

I was in the mountains. It was like a resort. A big cabin higher than the rest. Smaller cabins for 1 person around the plateau. Somewhat separated there was a road leading to a grocery store.

I was in charge of the big cabin. A man and a woman helped me take care of the chalet. I gave them instructions. We had no visitors yet.

The first time I saw Her… She was in the snow coming to the cabins… She has just arrived…

I also met her in the grocery store.

The last sequence before I woke up… She was in front of her small cabin… She had a cauldron and she was cooking something… 

I startled every time I saw her. My heart pumping. I still love Her!

Beer and good news

I went out for a beer with the Devil and his Cousin. The good news is that I’m in the train now going home! 🙂 I just want to sleep… 

I asked a girl out. From Tinder. She said yes. We’re going to the movies tomorrow night. Transformers: The Last Knight

I’m not feeling well. I’m not sick or something. I kind of have a bad mood! I can’t explain. It’s like nothing is right, nothing is fun, nothing is happy! 😦


I went to a birthday party. One of the women there has an ex-husband.

Another women I met at the seaside has an ex-husband and she’s a single mother. She has no one to help her!

My ex-girlfriend has an ex-husband.

My sister is a single mother.

What is wrong with this country? 😦

Gemini escape

You know that friend I told you about? Friend… girl… friend… The one I know for 11 years! She just did a “gemini escape” on me. Again!

We’ve been on and off these years. We meet from time to time. We hang out! We drink beer. We smoke. We talk. We make out. A day or two. A month or two. It never lasts long! After a day or two, after a month or two… she backs away… she doesn’t want to see me… and that’s it… until next time!

In the last few days… I sent her random messages to ask her how is she feeling. All good! Today I asked her to go out for a beer in two days. She said no. She said that he can’t keep up with my drinking. That she’s not young anymore and that she’s tired.

We agreed that we will see each other and drink a lemonade in one month. Until then I have a personal challenge to stop drinking and smoking!


I don’t feel anger anymore! 🙂 

But I’m worried. I’m drinking too much. All too often, I go out for a beer. I drink until I pass out. I’m an alcoholic! 😦