Plant a tree

I read about drones that plant trees. I remember that I hand planted a few trees in my life. It was fun every time!

There are NGOs that organize hand planting trips. Me and a few of my friends joined several times.

We got in the car, we drove to the site, we participated in a short training and after that we received tools and started planting trees. Dig holes and what not! 🙂 The whole process!

Saving the planet is important, but that was not the best part about those trips. We laughed a lot! We talked about the meaning of life and forgot about day to day responsibilities. In a way, we were children again.

I have a picture on Failbook from one of those trips… Maybe I’ll show it to you one day… 😉


Another app, another privaky skandal

You go for a run, you record data in Strava, the app does heat maps of popular running places and crowded hours. Kind of a Waze for jogging. 🙂

The not funny part is that the data is not totally anonymised. Also, there might be a few design bugs there. The point is that you can see when and where a person is running!

I’ll let you figure out by yourself why is that bad thing…

Nothing is for free

China spied on the African Union! They gave them servers for free, but all the (secret) info from them was sent to the gifters. Oh, the irony! 🙂

Facebook is not for free! They sell your data to advertisers.

Education is not for free! Our parents pay for it. You’re a fool if you think that it costs nothing. People, time and resources cost money…

Democracy is not for free! Don’t take it for granted. It offers a lot, but it comes with great responsibility…


It’s worth noting that my period does not make me weaker or less reliable, whilst I may occasionally go a little slower, I guarantee you that accomplishing something with the warm sensation of blood between your legs makes you feel like a goddam Amazonian.” 🙂

Periods. Sex. Marijuana. It depends on the country, on the culture, on the education, on the sun and on the moon.

I read in a book about good manners that there are three topics that are never to be discussed in public: money, sickness and children. I can’t remember how the author chose them. I presume that men (in particular) are embarrassed to talk about their personal lives.

You can ask a colleague why she is not feeling well. You can be sincere, but be diplomatic about it. Asking a work colleague directly if she’s on her period can be rude, awkward or freaky. For both of you! 🙂

Strange vibe

This is the first time since I arrived in this new town… The first time I don’t have the vibe to write… I feel insecure… The new colleagues are cool, but it’s something… It’s about the job per se… I know how to do my job, but it takes time to know the product, the platforms… This week was very awkward, I felt several times that I knew too little, that I didn’t test fast enough, that I’m not doing my best…

Managers are useless

It’s possible that all people hate creativity and innovation! We have strong negative feelings about new ideas. As a result, we all are not that good at recognizing good ideas.

We like the old, we dislike the new!

People don’t change!

When you want to kill an idea, present it to a manager!

Long story short, creators are better at recognizing good ideas, managers suck at it!

And then I wonder…

Why do we need managers?

Why do we enforce the approval of ideas?

Why do we shoot ourselves in the foot?

No means no

I read another piece of news about a harassment case.

That guy is an idiot! It’s normal to like a woman. It’s not normal to continue with the weirdo behavior after she says no again and again and again. Go see a psychiatrist!

Also, something is very wrong in the company that hired him. Are you for real? A media company that hasn’t been able to find out the reason for which someone got fired from his old job? What kind of “newspaper” are you?

Either someone is lying, knew the reason of his firing and took the decision to hire him. Let’s say the company gave him a second chance! It’s debatable! But why lie about it?

Or nobody in the process knew about it. Ignorance is bliss and bla bla bla! That’s incompetence! I’ll let you figure out what will happen in this scenario….