The cat

I woke up late. I felt sick and lonely. No morning shower. Straight to the office then! I bought a coffee from the local shop. The cheapest one. I do not know why I do that. I have coffee in my home, but I always go to bed late and have no time to make coffee in the morning. Excuses! Pathetic excuses! I do not remember much from the office. Maybe some talks about the colleague that had a stroke yesterday. He was younger than me! He did not drink. He did not smoke. This is life! I sent her some articles I read. Articles about subjects I am interested in or articles that I found them funny. She asked if I don’t think that I am sending too many articles out of nowhere. I replied that they are the same articles that I am sending to my friends in the other group. I sent her more articles with my comments. She said to stop sending her articles on Whatsapp because she is not using it for that. That I can send her on Facebook how many articles I want. I stopped! She does not want to be my friend! She does not care! I disappointed her too many times! In the evening I went to the dentist. I cried! Not because of the physical pain. I cried because of the sadness! I am going home now! I sent her an article on Facebook and I asked her on Whatsapp how her cat is feeling. The cat is alright. The cat is recovering well from the intervention. The cat is the best child! The cat is the best and sweetest little girl in the world! The cat is happy! 🙂