Bad night

I drank a lot! I smoked a lot! I played a lot! I have a huuuuuuge headache! I didn’t sleep well. I woke up several times to drink water. I don’t know what I dreamt. I just know that I didn’t sleep well! I have to stop lying to myself and others. I am not well! I need to get my… together! I have to stop buying beer and cigarettes! I must do the assertiveness tests and send them to my doctor! The lawyer answered and I have to talk with the others about it. I do not know! It costs a lot of money! My sister invited me to take a trip with her at the river. I don’t know! School! My grandma died this year. 

“Finish school!”

I haven’t done anything for school in the last two months! 😦 Does heaven exist? My grandma is happy! 🙂