Sad, disappointed, annoyed

I’m sad he was stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! He was stupid to trust her! He was stupid to invite her over! He was stupid to leave her alone in his grandma’s house! He was stupid to think she will return the money! He was stupid to think that his kindness will matter! He was stupid to think she is a good person!

I’m disappointed he doesn’t take responsibility! His grandma kicked him out! He says that it is not his fault! He couldn’t have known that she will steal the jewelry! He admits that he was wrong to trust her, but it is not his fault! Was she crazy? Yes! Did she owe him money? Yes! Did he invite her? Yes! Did he leave her alone in the house? Yes! And yet he is not to blame for the theft! He could have moved with his mother and accept the daily blaming! He talked with his grandma and his mother, but he ran away from them. Instead he asked to move with me for a few days!

I’m annoyed that I accepted it! I can’t say “no”! That’s my problem with me! I don’t need him in my house! Right now, I need time with me! Alone! To solve my problems! I have to grow up! I have to live with me! I have to accept myself! I have to stop running from my problems by helping others! I have to help myself! I hate that he is in my house! I hate that I wake up and the first thing I see is a man in his underwear in my kitchen! He did coffee this morning – IT SUCKED! 🙂