I went home and took out the dog! 

I called the woman from which I took the dog. She didn’t answer! 

I called my sister. The talk… it wasn’t what I hoped for… I told her that I want to keep the dog. That the landlord will not agree. That I’ll have to move. That the dog did some things. Dirty mattress! Torn blanket! She taught that I have to pay them! I need money. Where from? I will borrow some more! She always thinks about the money. No kind words! I wanted her approval. I didn’t get it! 

I took the dog to the vet. For a pill, but also to talk. I told him the same things. It was different. He told me that how to clean the mattress, he told me how to make a bath to the dog, other useful pieces of advice. He told me to cheer up. Maybe my landlord will allow me to keep the dog and not to move! A kind man! I like him! 

I’m going to the party now… 🙂