The landlord’s wife visit

I called the landlord’s wife. I don’t talk with him on the phone. I only talk with his wife. The landlord comes to my place to take the rent and to fix stuff around the house. The wife is doing the talking. She was the one that yelled at me and told me to get rid of the dog. I don’t know how she looks. I never met her. That’s about to change! Tomorrow morning both of them will come to the house. I told her about the dirty mattress and the torn blanket. They will come to take the rent, to check the place out and to talk to me. I hope she doesn’t kick me out!

I also called my sister. I told her that she can give me the money next month. She has a vacation in a few days. She’s going with her son and her boyfriend to the river. 

The last call was with my dad. He’s in the hospital. The operation hasn’t been scheduled yet. He whispered! I told him I miss him. Awkward talk! 

I’ll call again my sister and my dad today. 

I’ll drink a beer with my friends this evening. I haven’t seen them in months! 

I’ll clean the house afterwards. Even if takes all night. It must be clean for the landlord’s wife visit. I haven’t cleaned the house in ages!