He woke up tired. He cried! There’s no point in life! That kind of feeling. A strong feeling! Hangover. Nightmares. Sadness!

He woke up and started drinking. And smoking. He sent a message to the office. And started drinking. He just wanted the pain to go away. 

He drank 2 beers and smoked 9 cigarettes. But this story is different. Drinking made it worse! Smoking made it worse! 

Why bother with work? Why bother with friends? Why bother with the lost girlfriend or with the lost dog? Why bother? 

He tried to understand what is happening to him. He tried to reason. The more he tried, the deeper the sadness became! It was like a wound. A neverending wound! 

He tried to remember the sea! He tried to remember his friends. A few will miss him. It is not right. It is unfair to the people that love him. It is unhuman! It didn’t work!

The sea was black and deep. Calling him to drown. For the pain to go away!

The friends were like piranhas. Smiling at him! Waiting for a bite… 

He hears voices!