He hears voices

He’s walking down the street. It starts like a sadness. Undefined! That kind that makes him doubt himself. Like light lost the battle with dark! The sadness grows. Happy memories dissappear one by one. Or worse! It makes him see bad in good people. It makes him believe that they wanted to hurt him. It makes him find the flaws of strangers in the street.

He sees a woman. She’s fat. Second woman. Ugly. Third. Fat and ugly. A man. Dirty. Another man. Poison. A couple. Idiots that will hurt each other. An old lady with her dog. Filth. All of them are evil. They don’t deserve to live. They will destroy. A virus. A cancer. A plague. He wants to do something. The voices help him, guide him, love him. Burn the fat one! Choke the ugly one! Stab the fat and ugly! Drown the dirty! Hang the poison! Make the idiots play the russian roulette! Feed the old lady to the dog! 

He thinks about his own death. Hit by a car? A red car. A wrong step and that’s it. Nobody will remember him! Nobody will miss him! Nobody will die for him! He closes his eyes! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! They show him a way to die! They yell at him! They want him to take action! Now! They suddenly become quiet! Only one remains! A friendly voice! It’s the sea in that voice! His friend! His only friend! The sea has a plan… 

He picks up the knife!