Gemini escape

You know that friend I told you about? Friend… girl… friend… The one I know for 11 years! She just did a “gemini escape” on me. Again!

We’ve been on and off these years. We meet from time to time. We hang out! We drink beer. We smoke. We talk. We make out. A day or two. A month or two. It never lasts long! After a day or two, after a month or two… she backs away… she doesn’t want to see me… and that’s it… until next time!

In the last few days… I sent her random messages to ask her how is she feeling. All good! Today I asked her to go out for a beer in two days. She said no. She said that he can’t keep up with my drinking. That she’s not young anymore and that she’s tired.

We agreed that we will see each other and drink a lemonade in one month. Until then I have a personal challenge to stop drinking and smoking!