Necklace of words

Vivid Tales

We are surrounded by words, all kind of words – stupid, sensible, positive, negative, meaningless, meaningful, magical and deceptive.

Words exists as dead skeletons unless someone weave them together as a necklace of pearls, pearls of all kind – emotions, intent, honesty, beauty, peace, humor and life experiences.

Experienced hands of makers put magic in this necklace and they float in space, around us – in all size, colors and shapes. We hate, like, appreciate, admire, melancholy, love, get angry on these garlands based on what resonates with us. Some necklace do not catch our eyes; we just don’t relate to them while some seems as if they are made for us only.


Look around, probably you may find a magical necklace which has the power to make you smile, make your day, remove your doubts & anger and fill you with peace. Pick that right necklace that is made for you…

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