Dear journal

You were my biggest secret! No one knew. I created you because I felt empty and lonely. I wanted to write to somebody. About my “dark side”. No discussion, no comments, no feedback!

I started writing to Lilith a while ago. I don’t know her. I’ve never met her. We text each other from time to time. It’s nice to write to somebody that doesn’t know me. No judging, no expectations, just acceptance!

It was raining! She wrote a poem. I asked to read it. She sent me her blog. (I like her short poems and short chapters.) […] I mentioned that I have one. ‘Link or it doesn’t exist!’ 

It made me laugh! 🙂 Natural, spontaneous, sincere laugh! I was afraid. Mixed emotions actually! I agreed. What could go wrong? She read…

She shared a few thoughts when she finished. I asked out of curiosity: now that you read… do you still want to know each other? 

‘Dear blog, despite of what she read she still said yes.

Figure that out’