I’m alone in a bar. I’m drinking a beer. The tables and chairs are vintage. The weather is nice. Hot, but I sit at a table under a tree. It’s full of trees and plants here. It’s quiet. No cars, no people, a background rock ballad. The wind whispers its song to the trees. Birds… 

I close my eyes. I’m at the seaside. Sand so soft! Water so blue! Sky so soft and blue! I start walking on the beach. It’s only me and the sounds of the sea. I try the water with my toes. It’s warm. It feels good. Almost like a woman’s touch. Pure, welcoming, embracing. I enter in the sea. I first feel the energy on my skin. I feel refreshed. I feel the sea in every muscle, in every bone, in every nerve. I’m happy! 

I open my eyes. I look at the beer. I look at the table. My wallet has been stolen! =))