Just another day

I’m in the train. Off to work! I’m late. It’s not my fault this time. The plumber came to fix things. It should have taken him 10 minutes. It took him more than an hour.

The good news: it’s fixed! I forgot to let my boss know about it. I hope he will not get mad! But I’m not worried about him. It’s about me. I was on time in the last two days. It felt good to be prompt.

I still drink beer. A lot! Daily! But I’ve been better in the last few weeks. I’ve been to the seaside. I’ve drank a beer with my friends. I’ve enjoyed the company pool party. I’ve played a game. I’ve met new people. The sea made me happy!

It’s like the pieces are coming together. Days are better. Life is nicer. Grass is greener! 🙂