My struggle

I’m rested… I’m relaxed… I’m happy! 🙂

I drank that beer yesterday at the office. My boss was in vacation in Athens. He returned with a few of those beers. I drank only one. It was good. It was a bit sweet from my point of view, but it was different! I like bitter beers! 😛

Last night I didn’t drink anything! \o/ I can’t remember the last evening without beer. I like beer, but I drink often and a lot of them: one, two, four, ten… I told you that story! I used to get Home and drink Beer until I passed out in my Bed. Last night I ate, I took a bath, I did the laundry and I went to sleep. I’m proud of myself! 😉

My struggle is still there. My internal conflict is raging on. Unaswered questions, unfiltered doubts, unturned stones… The vacation was awesome, there’s beauty in my life, dreams are coming true! 😀