Autumn thoughts

Yesterday it was kind of boring…
I want to change my pension fund. In about 80 years I will need it. I don’t like the one I have now. The website is full of bugs. The interface is so 90’s. They have no mobile app. I found a better one. Mobile friendly. Android app included. Real time information about my money.

I went to one of the offices of the new pension fund. Bad news: there were a lot of consultants, but none of them were allowed to help me do the paperwork for the switch. Only employees can! Alright! Let me talk with an employee! They had only one, but he is in vacation until next week. That’s a bummer!

After I finished work, I played a few games of HotS. Go home, buy laundry detergent and some ingredients for soup… ask about the next minivacation, eat… do the laundry, cooking… wash the dishes, take a bath! Ah… and the Apple event was disappointing…

I know what was very interesting yesterday. I didn’t drink any beer all day! 🙂