I don’t recommend Serbia. They have bad roads, there are no beaches, the soup sucks! I don’t think they have parks. I’m sure that it has hidden gems, but not for me. I also discovered that their beer is from Montenegro! 🙂

I’m not quite sure what to say about Montenegro. The beach was alright, the mountains were magical, they are taking care of their roads and their country. But something was off! The houses, the neighbourhoods, the vilas… cramped houses. They are built glued to each other. No space, no air, no gardens!

I love Croatia! The most beautiful people, the most beautiful parks, the most beautiful beaches. Space, air, gardens! I went to a seaside every year. I took a swim in the sea every year. I was not prepared! I have a rich imagination and I didn’t see that coming! The most crystalline sea I’ve seen in my life! I could see my feet, my skin, my every dream!