Durdevica Tara

I’ve taken that picture from the bridge. The view is awesome, the feeling is immortal and the emotion is angelic! What can I say? I’m a fool! I’m human! I’m in love! My true love is the beach, but that place made me feel in a special way…

I tried the tiroliana. The longest one! The one between the two cliffs. My feet were shaking, I was nervous, the start was bumpy, the finish was scary (I stopped before the finish line at 100 miles in the air). But it was worth it! The view and the moment and the adrenaline and the vibe are from another planet!

The food there was not so great (soup again). The beer was the same (dobré pivo)! Auriel bought a fridge magnet for me and just for me! 😛 We had a conversation with a woman who would like a man with money. I will remember forever this scary experience! 🙂