A word to Malthael

Emphasize less that you are a drunkard, but it’s ok! :))

Those words touched a chord! They were said by my best friend after I shared this journal with him. I really hope that the true meaning was that I should drink less and not talk less about it…

I have an issue with the things I should do. I have an issue with should. The word, the meaning, the concept, the obligation annoys me. Nobody is allowed to tell me what I should do and what is better for me. This is how I became broken! Listening too much to others and letting them take the decisions for me!

I agree that I want to drink less! Notice the different mindset. I wish to do things on my own terms, to take my own decisions, to do what I feel and to feel what I do! 😉

I don’t agree that I want to talk less about it. Not talking about a problem or diminishing it is wrong! It didn’t worked for me! I still have a drinking problem and a smoking problem and other 97 problems.

Malthael, you’re dead wrong! 🙂 I drink a lot of beer. Talk about it! I drink beer often. Write about it! This journal is not Failbook…