Device lab

The office is an apartament. Instead of beds and furniture and clothes, there are desks and devices and smart people! But the vibe is the same. At work, you take your shoes off and you stay in your socks or in slippers. The only thing missing is beer! 🙂

I have no laptop yet! They gave me an email address, I installed Slack and Hangouts on my phone. The stand-up meeting was awkward and interesting. All of the guys are from the same town, they work in the same apartament. Yes, one of them was at home and he came later at the office. But they did the meeting. Online, on Hangouts! Think about a few people in the same office, in the same room, participating at the meeting, but each one of them at their own computer! 🙂

The living room is the device lab. The sofa is there! The pillows are there! It is a fully equiped, very friendly and welcoming living room. It even has a persian carpet! Think of it as the living room of a very bohemian and geeky person. Smart TV, different gaming consoles and gadgets, home devices, smartphones, tablets, even VR headsets. That is the place where I will do most of my work. Testing, of course! 🙂