New town and job

My boss came to me a few months ago and said that the company wanted to end my contract at the beginning of this year. It didn’t surprise me. I spent all my days coming to work and browsing Failbook. I wasn’t happy, I was bored, I was looking for a new gig for some time now. I said yes, let’s end the contract today and not wait for next year. That helped me a lot. I had time for the interviews I wanted, I had time for an extended winter vacation, I had time to follow my plan!

A few weeks later I started applying to jobs in other towns. I wanted to move. I wasn’t happy, I was bored, I was dreaming about moving to a new town for some time now. Make a change. Make a big change! I talked to Auriel and chose a town in her region. A kind of big town! A kind of far from her town! A kind of awkward town! One beer with a friend and I got a promise from him for a place to rent closer to Auriel. A kind of smaller town! A kind of friendly town! A kind of town with nicer people!

I got a new job in this second town. That promise from that friend didn’t come to fruition. Long story short, I moved in with Auriel. She helped me a lot! With the bags and moving to the other side of the country and all! She was very supportive in the last few months, on vacation, last night. Today is my first day at the new job! I’m in the train. I’m excited and afraid! I did it! I’m one step closer to moving to another country or to found a company. 2017 was an interesting year. I will brag another time about the cool things I did and the awesome people I’ve met. 2017 was a good year!