People are URLs

Each person was a number. The state gave a paper to every Citizen. Each paper had an ID. That was your ID. Your name wasn’t important. That specific number gave you access to state services. You weren’t considered a Citizen without that paper, that ID, that number. It was a simple system. It worked! I read about Estonia and government.

Each person is an e-mail. At home, at work. You use your e-mail address to express your feelings, to order food, to plan a vacation, to stay in touch, to get things done, to love, to hate, to rent a home, to get a ride, to meet new people, to organize a protest, to be a sheep or a wolf.

Each person will be an URL. “Message me on Failbook” will replace “give me a call”. You will put online your info, your photos, your feelings, your life. Each thing you will do online will be added to your digital profile. This will be done by a big player (Apple) and by a kid in a garage with a simple app (Tinder). That will not be a bad thing as long as you own your data! You will have a credit card with all your life photos. With a single click or tap, you will give access to anyone to specific parts of your URL (payment info to your local store OR vacation photos to your crazy friends). What do you think?