About work contracts

I started a new job a few days ago. I signed a work contract. Let’s imagine the contract is W-2018. I read it.

Nowadays, I read all the contracts before I sign them.

I checked that the benefits we agreed verbally are also written down.

I was curious to see what is different from older work contracts I signed. Nothing! It’s a standard work contract!

Then it hit me! Why do I to sign it? Why on paper? W-2018 hasn’t changed at all in the last 18 years. Every employee signs the same printed document. Only the benefits are different in these contracts. The benefits are all numbers. Salary, paid holidays, starting month and year, to name a few, are standard fields.

A copy of that contract is sent by the employer to some government agency. For a national database. Let’s cut the bureaucracy! Let me and my employer create an account on that government agency site. The employer enters the numbers in the W-2018, I receive a notification, I login and I agree. And that is it! Seriously, is it that hard?