No internet connection

I forgot to pay my phone bill. As a result, this morning, in the train, for 2 hours, I had no mobile data. None of my apps worked. No news, no Twitter, no messages. A bit boring! I should have taken a book with me to read.

After the initial shock and panic, I found myself looking out the window of the train. Landscapes and towns. There’s a world out there! 

Of course I got bored very fast. It’s about habits. I like to think that I can live without my phone, but this time it was awkward. I didn’t use the phone because I wanted to, but because I had to. I felt constrained. When I want to put my phone down for hours or days, it’s my decision. I’m offline!

On the other hand, I have to admit that I use the phone too much. Fact: I didn’t bring a book! That means that I take my internet connection for granted, that I forgot about my other hobbies, that I’ve put myself in an the awkward position of having only one option. That might also mean that I have an addiction.

Anyway, I found two apps that worked offline. I finished a game again (Biotix) and I wrote this journal entry (WordPress). Have a nice day! 🙂