Stop the notifications

I was telling you about my phone addiction. I stumbled upon this article about ignoring texts and e-mails. I agree with that analysis.

Ignoring your phone and your messages leads to anxiety, but it’s the right thing to do. The people you care about will understand. When you decide to answer a message, that answer and that person will have your full attention. Participating in  multiple conversations hurts everybody involved. It hurts you because you start reading and answering like a retard. It hurts your loved ones because they become noise in this awful world. 

I stopped answering calls from my sister a few years ago. I returned the calls in the evenings, in my free time, at home, before I started playing a game. She got upset! But whenever I talked with her, it was meaningful. We talked a lot less, but it matter more. A lot more!

Nowadays, I only have like 2 apps that send me notifications. No sounds allowed! 🙂