Failbook and poor people 

I was telling you about poor people.

First, I want to clarify something. When you are honest and hard working, the state shouldn’t provide food, shelter, clothes, beer and what not for free. It shouldn’t make you rich. But in the same time, it shouldn’t screw you over and condemn you to a harsh life.

Secondly, that poor man that I was talking about might be happy. Children, a job, good memories, a certain knowledge about the beauty of life, his mind and his heart, to name a few, are concepts that others only dream about. For him, being poor might not matter. From what he said, he would have been better with more money. But I never questioned his happiness!

To sum up, I was intrigued that Failbook found a way in the lives of the poor people. Being free and accesibile, everybody jumped on board. Is it better than a SMS? I don’t know! Is it better than a phone call? I don’t know! Is it better than a mail? I don’t know! I’m trying to find reasons. Logic into this madness! Why would you switch from SMS to Failbook Messenger when your first concern is to put food on the table for yourself and for the people you care about?