No tips allowed? 

Waiters and waitresses are payed with the minimum wage. They need the tips to make ends meet. That’s a social contract that doesn’t work from my point of view. 

Some of the waiters and waitresses take tips for granted and don’t go out of their way to deliver good services. Some of the clients leave a tip no matter the quality of the services. The former must receive a tip and the latter must give a tip?! That is wrong! That is not how services work!

I thought a lot about how this system can be fixed. Credit card only? Electronic decision and payment of tips? Higher prices and a percentage of what is cashed to go automatically to the waiter or waitress that served you? No, no and no!

I would ban these jobs! Not tomorrow, not next year, I would come with a plan that, in 20 years, waiters and waitresses move to other jobs, better paid. They shouldn’t be servants, they shouldn’t be modern slaves.  Or replace all of them with robots in 50 years!