Status update

About the company, great so far! Even though the guys are great developers, I still found a few bugs! 🙂 I’m alright with the whole process. There is one thing that I like the most: whenever I have a question, all of them take the time to answer. I know they are all really, really, really busy, but they are never busy when I need help. I feel special! 😀

About the town, it’s cold. I haven’t seen too much of it. I know the street from the train station to the office and back! 🙂 I went out for a beer with the colleagues on Friday evening. It was epic! We will become friends very fast.

About the community – there is peace and quiet, calm people, even bohemians. I don’t miss the chaos from my previous town, the rush from there. What can I say? Here, I feel like I’m in another world. A better world, obviously! 😛