50 millions

Canadians decided to invest in smart cities. They setup a national competition. The city with the best ideas wins the money to implement them.

In a normal city, the mayor and a few specialists write a proposition and join the competition. But Toronto is not normal! 🙂

“The city of Toronto invited people on Monday to be part of a mass brainstorm.

Ideas can be submitted through an online survey at toronto.ca/smartcitieschallenge or in hard copy at all Toronto Public Library branches, or through a formal, more detailed Smart Cities Challenge proposal.”

I don’t know who will win that competition. Toronto? Maybe! But I’m certain of one thing. There will be a lot of cities with good ideas that will not get the prize. Those will also receive funding. Private funding!

Just think about it! You are the mayor of a random city. Let’s call it Otnorot! You invest time and energy and go in the competition with great ideas and with the support of your voters. Everybody in Otnorot wants you to win the competition. You create expectations! You get people involved! And you don’t get the prize! What do you do? You let all that time, energy and enthusiasm go to waste? No! You do your best to find money and private investors to implement those ideas. Everybody wins! 🙂