Open source

I read that Barcelona is embracing open source. Yaaaaay! \o/

It’s about money. Microsoft versus open source! A lot of money. The city officials have made some estimations that switching to open source will be cheaper than renewing the licenses for Microsoft products. Good for them! 🙂

I’m not saying it’s a bad move. It’s a lot of money! They decided to spend that portion of the budget on open source instead of Microsoft. It’s just spending a lot of money! It lacks vision! They hire 65 people, they reduce the spending. Maybe! What next? They don’t encourage local startups, they don’t use local software, there is no economic and social return of investment!

We’ll see how it goes! In a interesting turn of events, in a very patriotic country, in another part of Europe, Munich is switching back to Microsoft. Why? Because Microsoft moved its offices to Munich! 🙂