Barcelona is OK

I wrote yesterday an opinion about Barcelona and open source. I wasn’t entirely truthful. When city officials just switch from Microsoft to open source, it’s an interesting move, but there’s nothing to be praised. In this case, Barcelona is doing more than that and I applaud them for it!

1. They’re hiring 65 developers. Those are specialists! They are valuable because they create incremental value in the economy. More initiatives, more jobs, more wealth.

2. They’re buying services and products and what not from local SMEs. Meaning from small and medium Spanish companies.

3. They’re creating a platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to work with the city council.

4. They’re using Sentilo. It was created by a startup in Barcelona. It’s a system that collects and processes data from smart sensors around the city (traffic, water, etc.).

To sum up, Barcelona is doing a fine job and their project is pretty cool. Good luck to them! 🙂