About failure

There are people that expect to fail. Most of us don’t want to fail. Everybody will fail at something at one point in time.

The discussion is not about the fear of failing, but one about the perception of repeated failure. I’m talking about normal cultures and parents that don’t overreward success and don’t overpunish failure.

It feels good to reach your goal. As an adult, you set your goals!

I don’t know how it’s called. When the goal you set for today is higher than the one for yesterday and lower than the one for tomorrow. Incremental goals?

I don’t think incremental goals work. Or I think they work when the increases are yearly. This year’s goal is higher than the last year’s goal. You achieve a goal when you setup yourself to do the same one every day.

Don’t let others set your goals, set a goal for yourself and do it everyday. Fail will not you! 🙂