Fitness is not Health

I was telling you about failure.

I was reading about a gadget that monitors your health. Apple Watch! The article is lengthy, but it’s a very interesting reading. I recommend you the article! I found out that you can “lie” to your watch. Dangle your wrist by your side while you sit in a chair.

At one point in the article, the author says that the watch is the bracelet of failure or something like that. It sets incremental goals for you every day or week. You will fail!

From my point of view, a health gadget could monitor you without any interaction with you. It collects data for you and you don’t worry about it. Specialists can do research and give you health advice yearly based on your data!

Health isn’t about having a doctor or a personal trainer with you all the time nagging you that you have 2 more steps to go or what not. You check your health once a month or once a year by talking to doctor. That doctor asks you about your life style and changes in your daily routines or sleep time.

It can be so easy! The gadget collects the data, you send the data to your doctor, the doctor gives you health advices. Get it?