Phones should be tools

I complained several times in this journal that my phone has become a distraction.

There was a hint a few years back. At beers with my friends, at least one of us would open the phone and just swipe mindlessly. We discussed about it. Every time someone took out their phone, we openly criticized them and make mean jokes on him. It worked!

Nowadays, my phone is a distraction because I check it very often. At work in particular…

I found these two “gems” this week: iOS and Android. They give you step by step instructions how to “transform” your phone into a tool. The authors have a quite unique mindset about technology (in particular) and life (in general).

Back to me! There are two apps on my phone that make it a distraction. Twitter and News. I know why they make me pick up the device.

About news, last century you bought a newspaper, read all the pages and that was it for the day. On the phone, I open the News app, I read the latest articles and I start the day. But in 5 minutes, I open the app again and the latest articles are new. It’s like buying a newspaper, reading it, putting it down, in 5 minutes you have a different edition.

About Twitter, last century you went to the town center and talked with people about all sorts of things. An agora. Afterwards, you went home. On the phone, I open Twitter, I engage in conversations about all sorts of things and I start the day. But in 5 minutes, I open the app again to see what has been said or what new conversations are interesting. The chats are never ending. The agora is always with you and there are no conclusions. Because nobody has to go home.

About solutions, I will not take any drastic measures. I stopped almost all phone notifications. But I will not delete Twitter or News. It will work! It worked with Failbook. I still have it on my phone, but I rarely check it. You should see me from time to time when my friends start talking about a picture or article posted on Failbook and I have no clue what they are talking about. It feels so good to be clueless! 🙂