About crypto

I was reading an opinion about crypto. Summary: the space is full of scams!

I went to a Meetup about cryptocurrencies. It was more like a presentation of top 10 currencies based on their market cap. Differences between then. Tech stuff. The debate was more about blockchain than about money. It was fascinating and scary! The room was full of people who will lose their money. Yes, there were a handful of people that were mature enough to understand the ecosystem and the scams. But there were a lot of people who bought currencies. Get rich fast approach…

It was like participating in a discussion about casino buildings. There’s the entrepreneur, there’s the venture capitalist, there’s the construction worker, there’s the construction materials seller and a lot of other people you need to build a building. But in the same meeting there were a lot of future clients of the casino! $$$ Ka ching! 🙂