It’s worth noting that my period does not make me weaker or less reliable, whilst I may occasionally go a little slower, I guarantee you that accomplishing something with the warm sensation of blood between your legs makes you feel like a goddam Amazonian.” 🙂

Periods. Sex. Marijuana. It depends on the country, on the culture, on the education, on the sun and on the moon.

I read in a book about good manners that there are three topics that are never to be discussed in public: money, sickness and children. I can’t remember how the author chose them. I presume that men (in particular) are embarrassed to talk about their personal lives.

You can ask a colleague why she is not feeling well. You can be sincere, but be diplomatic about it. Asking a work colleague directly if she’s on her period can be rude, awkward or freaky. For both of you! 🙂