Monday mood

I’m back to work…. To my country, to my town, to my lonely heart! I don’t like a lot of things. I miss….

I don’t like the work. I miss Auriel! 

I don’t like the crowded town. I miss the forest!

I don’t like the stressed people. I miss the good food! 

I could go on and on…. I’m not sad, I’m not depressed, I’m not empty. I just have this mood…. 

How does one come back from vacation and not want to die? 🙂 


Vacation with Auriel

I met Auriel at the seaside. I love her eyes! One thing led to another… he invited me to her country, to her town, to her heart. I said yes!

The vacation started a few weeks later. With a beer! A local beer! A special beer! We also had a walk around town and in the forest. One thing led to another… I had a hangover the next morning! 

We drank a glass of wine the previous night. I don’t speak wine! I speak beer! One glass of wine was too much for me! 🙂 Anyway… I met one of her friends and we had a lot of fun that day! We had a lot of fun in all vacation days! I was happy! One thing led to another… we decided to visit all four of us a few medieval fortifications from her country! 

Ice cream, archery, a long walk. The two of us! I don’t want to give you details about that day. I want them to keep them for myself. My own personal feelings and memories! 😉 One thing led to another… I felt that day like it was my birthday! 😛

I felt so good that I forgot to write to my friend! She had work the next two days. It was cool! I watched some movies during the day. We spent the evenings and nights together. Dog days! One thing led to another… she invited me to a picnic! 

It was the first picnic from my life. Both of us on a blanket in the forest with a glass of wine and no human soul around. One thing led to another… it was… unforgettable…  that was a great first move! 😀

A walk to the pond! I had a day of rest! A beautiful dream around the lake! The picture above is from the lake, from her country, from her town, from her heart! 

I’m in the car. I’m going to Auriel! The second vacation is in progress… \o/ 


I was telling you about that nice lady at the company. A few days until vacation and she contacted me. She found me on LinkedIn. A few mails and a phone call later we agreed for the interview the same day. Imagine this: the vacation starts tomorrow and she speeds up the process to meet them!

I didn’t want to go to the interview. I lied! I said that a friend got hit by a car. She didn’t give up. We agreed to get in touch when I get back from vacation in case the position is still available. 

So… I get back to my boring and sad life. A mail from the nice lady! First hour in the morning! She wanted me to meet them in that same day. I didn’t answer. She calls me! We settled for today. The name of the interviewers, the location, all the details. She even called me one hour before the meeting with her colleagues… 

Wait! I need to tell you about the discussion with my boss. I talked with him yesterday. I was afraid that he will ask me why I want a few hours out of office. I waited until he was ready go home. I told him… He asked me jokingly what my business was: “Do you have an interview?” I said yes! :))) :))) :))) 

He’s cool! He asked me what company. I told him. He told me how it was for him when he applied for a job there! 🙂 
When I got back to the office today he asked me how it went and we talked about it… 🙂 

I finished the interview with I. and A. I like them! 😛

Three hours long! Full options! Java, Linux, OOP, MySQL, ReST. They were a Senior Developer and a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer. I learned a few things from them. It was fun and friendly. What can I say? I’m hooked! 😀

Right now… at home… drinking a beer… smoking a cigarette… I’m thinking about Auriel… I am… chillax! 😉