I’ll call tomorrow

My sister called me today. 

I told her that I gave the dog. 

She told me that our father will undergo surgery this week. I will call him tomorrow. 

I didn’t speak with the landlord to tell him about the dirty mattress and the torn blanket! I will call him tomorrow. 

She also said that she’ll give me tomorrow the money she owes me. I totally forgot about that money. That’s good news! 🙂 

She asked me to call her more often. Or just call her. She knows I’m sad and lonely! I will call her tomorrow… 


I gave the dog for adoption

I panicked! I called the vet and asked him to put down the dog. He did not agree and told me to wait for a few hours. He might have a solution! 

He called an NGO, the girls from the NGO called me, I met with one of them, I gave the dog. That is the short story… 😦

I called the landlord and told him that I gave the dog! I hope that he will not kick me out! 

Things went south

The landlord called me today! He found out about the dog. 

Last night I returned drunk from the party. And late! Very late. It was morning actually. 

My dog barked all night. The neighbours complained to the landlord. The landlord yelled at me. Either I get rid of the dog or he gets rid of me! 

I have to give away the dog.


I went home and took out the dog! 

I called the woman from which I took the dog. She didn’t answer! 

I called my sister. The talk… it wasn’t what I hoped for… I told her that I want to keep the dog. That the landlord will not agree. That I’ll have to move. That the dog did some things. Dirty mattress! Torn blanket! She taught that I have to pay them! I need money. Where from? I will borrow some more! She always thinks about the money. No kind words! I wanted her approval. I didn’t get it! 

I took the dog to the vet. For a pill, but also to talk. I told him the same things. It was different. He told me that how to clean the mattress, he told me how to make a bath to the dog, other useful pieces of advice. He told me to cheer up. Maybe my landlord will allow me to keep the dog and not to move! A kind man! I like him! 

I’m going to the party now… 🙂 


The company I work for is throwing a party. It starts in 20 minutes! 

I’m on my way home to take the dog out for a walk. I guess the dog is more important than beer! 🙂 


Two weeks ago I felt empty and lonely… 

I saw a random message from a random lady about a random dog she found on the street. She was giving the dog for adoption. I called her and took the dog! 

The good news is that I am better now. The dog makes me laugh! The bad news is that my landlord will not allow me in the apartament with a dog. I have to move!

I cry less since I got the dog! I also think less about Her…