Dr. House vs. HotS

Last weekend I drank beer and I played HotS. I couldn’t stop playing. I lost, I won, I lost, I lost, I won, I lost and lost and lost. I was happy when I won, I was angry and upset when I lost. After two days I felt tired. It’s not like I didn’t like it. It was just a feeling that I didn’t do anything with my life and that time was wasted!

This week I’m watching Dr. House! 🙂 It’s fun, but it’s different. No beer! I don’t have the vibe to drink. I watch a few episodes a day. I can’t stop watching. I laugh, I cry, I think, I feel. Every night I go to bed later than the night before. Every day I’m more tired than yesterday, but it’s different. After two days I feel very tired. I like it very much. It is just the feeling that I’m doing something with my life and that time is meaningful!