Dr. House vs. HotS

Last weekend I drank beer and I played HotS. I couldn’t stop playing. I lost, I won, I lost, I lost, I won, I lost and lost and lost. I was happy when I won, I was angry and upset when I lost. After two days I felt tired. It’s not like I didn’t like it. It was just a feeling that I didn’t do anything with my life and that time was wasted!

This week I’m watching Dr. House! 🙂 It’s fun, but it’s different. No beer! I don’t have the vibe to drink. I watch a few episodes a day. I can’t stop watching. I laugh, I cry, I think, I feel. Every night I go to bed later than the night before. Every day I’m more tired than yesterday, but it’s different. After two days I feel very tired. I like it very much. It is just the feeling that I’m doing something with my life and that time is meaningful!


Today was my Mom’s birthday

The plan failed! I’ll tell you about it another time!

Five days ago I decided to give up! I decided that I will not talk with Her, that I will not talk with my Friends, that I will not talk with my Sister. Never! 

The bad part: I smoked a lot, I drank a lot, I played a lot! The good part: I had time with myself! The question: what do I want? I didn’t find the answer, but…

It’s all about needs, preferences and desires. And expectations! 

To be continued…